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We all know GBWhatsApp and WAMOD, but you aware of GBWhatsApp DELTA? Okay, let me explain to you about this app. GBWhatsApp DELTA APK is modified by WAMOD, it has features of both popular mod app GBWhatsApp and WAMOD, with the single app you get more features that have GBWa and WAMOD. This app many settings which leads you to customize this appearance of Home (chat, call, contacts row, and others) Messages (bubble, message colors text, wallpaper, and more, Widgets and much more.

If you are really a fan of mod application especially Whatsapp mods, then you like GBWhatsApp DELTA, and will never use any other Whatsapp MOD.


[intense_alert color=”#a10d2f”]What is GBWhatsapp Delta APK?[/intense_alert]

GBWhatsApp DELTA has been modified by WAMOD developer “Deltalabs Studio, which is currently developing and modifying lots of amazing android applications like WAMOD. You can check their projects in Playstore.

Google doesn’t allow modified apps in Playstore, that’s why they didn’t release this project in the play store, released GB Whatsapp Delta on the public domain, you can download GBWhatsApp DELTA 1.1.1 on our website ApkPureApp.

Version Info

Name GBWhatsApp DELTA
Version 3.2.2
Last Updated December 23, 2018
Size 33 MB
Based on 2.18.327

[intense_alert color=”#a10d2f”]GBWhatsapp Delta APK Features[/intense_alert]

GBWhatsApp DELTA is released now with 1.1.1 version and following features


GBWhatsApp DELTA have amazing features to private your account like hiding or show notification blocked calls, other privacy’s features are:

  • Hide online status
  • Blue Tick (Show/Hide)
  • Double Tick (Show/Hide)
  • Typing Notification (Show/Hide)
  • Recording Notification (Show/Hide)

Blocking Calls

You can block calls to anyone, you can choose calls from a selected person.

This option allows you to block calls with or without showing ringing to the opposite person.


You can change the theme of GBWhatsapp DELTA, currently have four themes Light, Dark, Transparent and Custom theme, you can choose any theme which you like most or you can change and use every theme to avoid boring.

I liked the Transparent theme which is inspired by Royal Whatsapp by Sam.

One of the main features under the theme is you can toggle back to the default white look when you want

Custom Display Features

GBWhatsapp DELTA has features to change your theme color, it has a main color and accent colors.

Other Main Features

  • Stickers – Good number of Stickers are available you can use all which you want
  • No More Forward Tag – You can forward any messages, images, audio, and video from any of your contacts without forwarding tag.
  • Swipe to reply
  • Group calls enabled in the latest version.
  • Increased forward limit for Indian users. So, you can spam that much you want.
  • Languages supported – Hindi, English, Indonesian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian.
  • Lock – Enable it with the password
  • Clean All WhatsApp files from the device.
  • Choose the Launcher icon from different styled 35 icons.
  • Backup Data
  • Video Player – Use any third-party video player. such as MX Player, VLC Player
  • 50MB is the Video Limit
  • 100MB is the Audio Limit
  • Send the original image without compressing.
  • Set 7 Minutes video for Status – Only GB App users can see the full-length video.
  • Fonts – Change Font of the GB DELTA Application (30 Fonts are available as of now)
  • Auto Reply
  • Message Scheduler
  • DND (Do not disturb) Mode
  • Privacy settings – All
  • Anti revoke Option


  • Long tap on the ‘camera icon’ to set status.
  • Long tap on ‘Attachment icon’ to open the BOM chat.
  • Long tap on ‘Chats icon’ from the bottom of the home to open normal view.

[intense_alert color=”#a10d2f”]Download GBWhatsapp Delta APK Latest version[/intense_alert]

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[intense_alert color=”#a10d2f”]How to Install GBWhatsapp Delta in Android Device[/intense_alert]

Always take back of your official Whatsapp before installing modified Whatsapp

Step 1. Uninstall the Official WhatsApp

Step 2. Download GBWhatsApp DELTA APK from our Page

Step 3. Tap on it and Install it on your android device.

Step 4. Open the app and sign in with your mobile number. That’s It.

Now, Change the setting as per your need and make it more usable.

[intense_alert color=”#a10d2f”]GBWhatsapp Delta FAQs[/intense_alert]

Does GBWhatsapp Delta collect data from you?

No, We don’t collect any type of data from the app user.

Is GB WhatsApp Delta legal to use?

A modified version of application not legal, Whatsapp doesn’t allow the modified version because of the privacy reason. However, this mod is ban proof and you will always get the update.

What if your account banned?

As it is not the official app and Whatsapp can ban your account. The developer just do some modification in Official Whatsapp, so the developer is not responsible for the ban or any other restriction, we advise you use a secondary number for rather than a personal account.

Does GBWhatsapp Delta is the same as GBWhatsapp?

In terms of features, it is the same but GBWhatsapp Delta, and it’s a combination of GBWhatsapp and WAMOD, provides more customization options as compared to GBWhatsapp.

Is it possible to hack GBWhatsApp DELTA?

Both Whatsapp and GBWhatsApp DETLA have the same server to send and receive messages, so it’s not possible to hack.

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