How to Install Viva TV on Smart TV?

Smart Tv has become very common, and you would usually find one or more than one in any home. Smart TVs have provided the best features to enjoy trending and new movies with family members as well as friends. When we talk about Smart TVs, we can’t forget about different streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video. Some companies of Smart TVs give these streaming services for free for a limited time, after you have to pay money to renew it whether it is Netflix or Prime.

But don’t worry the days are gone, that you have to renew these services every month to enjoy new movies and tv-shows. The savior is here so that you can easily watch any Hollywood, and trending global movies for free, without paying any single buck to anyone. The name of that application is VIVA TV App, to enjoy this online entertainment platform, you only need a good internet connection, and the rest is assured by this app.

Install Viva TV on Smart TV

New Features Of VIVA TV Apk

  • The developers of the VIVA TV App has just added the watchlist features so that any user can create their own watchlist to keep up with the list of movies and tv shows that they want to watch.
  • The apk of VIVA TV has also many sections like discover, movies, tv shows, WWE & UFC PPV matches, and more.
  • All these items are free to watch at any time, anywhere.
  • User can also pre-download their favorite content and watch it in offline mode whenever they want. This feature lets users save their mobile and wifi data as much as they want to.

Is It Safe To Install VIVA TV On Smart TV?

We have checked and tested this application more than a few times and the results are normal. So, it’s quite common to download and install VIVA TV Apk On Smart TV. However, we would advise you to use the VPN tool for some security purposes but the choice is up to you about that.

Is It Compatible To Install VIVA TV On Smart TV?

Yes, absolutely as you would just have to follow the below process to download and install VIVA TV Apk. As you would have known that this apk is compatible with more than one Operating System such as Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Roku, Firestick, and more.

Before getting to the steps of downloading and installing the VIVA TV App, you would need some things that are listed below.

  • USB Drive
  • PC or Laptop

How To Download VIVA TV APK

  1. Firstly, you would have to start your PC or Laptop, whichever you have.
  2. After your system starts, open any browser and paste this link to successfully download the VIVA TV App.
  3. After the file of VIVA TV Apk downloads, you need to connect the USB Drive to the system.
  4. Paste that downloaded file to USB Drive.
  5. Now, it’s time to install the VIVA TV Apk On Smart TV.

How to Install VIVA TV APP on Smart TV

  1. Start your Smart TV.
  2. Your second step would be to enable the option Install from Unknown Sources, to do that you have to go to Settings, then select the Security and Restrictions option, now just simply enable the Install from Unknown Sources option.
  3. Now, connect that USB Drive to your Smart TV.
  4. Copy/Move the apk file of VIVA TV to your desired location.
  5. Unplug the USB Drive out of your Smart TV.
  6. Install the VIVA TV App that you have just copied or moved.
  7. Finally, you would see the icon of the VIVA TV Apk, select it to open it.

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